How to remove excess fluid from the body

Accumulation of excess body fluid indicates that a body is not right. This usually occurs in case of problems with the liver, heart and kidneys, as well as during the cycle crash. But the swelling may appear on innocuous reasons: excessive intake before bedtime, a large amount of fluid and other errors in the diet.
How to remove excess fluid from the body

If you suspect that you have something wrong with your body, get to a hospital. After establishing the exact reason you will have a course of therapy. Pick up his treatment alone can not. You need to write special diuretics and drugs that help restore all the functions of an organ.
Urological collection can be taken without a doctor's prescription, so if you do not have time to go to the hospital, try to cure with herbs. Recommended doses vary from a specific manufacturer, so check them for use in the abstract. Long course of treatment with herbs, do not expect any effect on the first day of admission.
Has a slight diuretic effect of green tea. But this drink will display only slight swelling of the body. Drink a few glasses of tea on an empty stomach. Swelling will subside after a few hours.
If you feel a strong burden, take a cool bath with the addition of sea salt. Soak in water for about 20 minutes, then stand under a cold shower. You will get a little easier almost immediately.
Withdraw excess fluid from the body helps watermelon or cranberry juice. Take it throughout the day in unlimited quantities. However, at this time should be near the toilet. If you have swelling appear regularly, drink a glass of juice three times a day.
Reassess your diet and nutrition. Stop eating four hours before bedtime, so that the food does not cause accumulation of fluid in the body. Limit the use and pickled and salted foods. Include a menu of fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs, especially parsley and celery . Gradually, everything should return to normal. If swelling and continue to bother you, then go to see a therapist and go testing.

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